Open Letter to The President of The Canadian
Broadcasting Corporation, Mr. Rabinovitch

By Michael Pyshnov

CBC has been refusing, for several years, to report the story of science fraud and the unprecedented persecution of a scientist by the University of Toronto. This story, however, is not going to go away. I am, being the victim of this persecution, reporting it now to the public.

I was doing Ph.D. research in genetics at the U of T for five years. I was then removed from the University and my research and discoveries were stolen and published by others. I was blacklisted and was unable to find a job for the next 14 years. The fraud is seen clearly in the documents, some posted on the Graduate Students' Union web site ( and remain there for two years together with the GSU appeal to the faculty. I do not know for how long they will remain posted.

The main perpetrator of the fraud is female, Jewish, and a peace-and-abortion activist with a full set of leftist agenda. Despite my repeated complaints of fraud, the U of T did not wish to return the discoveries under my name and did not wish to condemn her. Instead, the political interests that stand behind her condemned me to remain virtually under house arrest with the work of my life stolen and my name stolen. Ellen Larsen, the prostitute of science, went to Harvard, Berkeley and other places boasting of the stolen research.

The University did everything for this "role model" to remain the author of my discoveries. Things of this sort happened as a rule under communist regimes, but I do not know of any example when a university would do such barbarous machination in science. The answers to my complaints were written as insulting, contemptuous provocation. To save Larsen and her false academic credentials, professors at high levels were found (Ian Orchard, Donald Dewees) who wrote reports full of conniving and deceit, falsifying the law and each and every rule that has existed in universities for centuries.
They said, yes, your ideas were "picked up", Larsen "repeated" and "replicated or extended" your experiments, but you have received "academic and financial support" and she "salvaged" your research. They called my research "not confidential" (?) and called my arguments for the restoration of my authorship a "naive meanderings"; they said that I "lost the right to complain". Dewees never mentioned that I did a Ph.D. research, he called it a "joint research" (with Larsen).
Another 77 professors of the Department were prevented from looking into my case, as each of them was sent a letter from a lawyer. Only one of them wrote a letter on my behalf. The Ministry of Education was "in conflict of interest". Every organization in academia is "in conflict". The police and The Attorney General of Ontario suppressed the evidence. Attorney General of Canada did not respond at all. The lawyers would not touch my civil case, some say: not this case. Forty-nine law firms are "in conflict". I have no means of bringing this case to the trial.

Why would the U of T continue the fraud in such a blatant manner, with the documents showing outright corruption? Because, they know they have total control over the press as well; no one is allowed to look into the documents. This route to the restoration of justice is also closed to me.

U of T says now that I did almost nothing in five years. If so, why would anybody desire to "salvage" my research? Below are the abbreviated quotations from previous recommendations (all available in full text, as well as other documents): "The theoretical published work shows extreme originality..", "..he has been invited to international conferences to discuss this work..", "..outlined an entirely novel approach..", "This combination of technical and theoretical skill is rare.", "..a tireless worker..", "..capacity to read and think and synthesize information for weeks at a time.", "His selection of problems and approach to them show a clarity of thinking and an appreciation for elegant work which make his contributions original.", "..inquisitive mind..", ".. great technical skill and perseverance..", "..his contributions.. will continue to be above ordinary.", "His devotion to ideas and the sacrifices he has made.. make it clear that he is a scholar by nature..", "We estimate he is of first-class calibre.. our Departmental Graduate Committee ranked him 1st of 7 applicants for [the highest scholarship in Canada] awards. He has already proven himself as an independent researcher..", "Mr. Pyshnov's demonstrated creativity in conceiving of this novel approach plus his superb technical skills uniquely qualify him to carry out these studies of far reaching significance.", "..a man of proven scholarly attainments..", "..a very creative scientist.." (There are many more statements related to the particular scientific results and the discoveries made by me in these five years.)

Where are these "studies of far reaching significance" now? They are published under the authorship of thieves. Yet, by the time I was at the fifth year of my research, I became a specialist in the area, the one with the new ideas and the discoveries totally unexpected by others, but predicted by me from the theory. (I have developed and published a theory of cell division in the organism and my dissertation was proving it.)
Having such research going on in her laboratory was too much of a temptation for Larsen and she began publishing it when I was still there. Finally, she fraudulently used her power to declare that my thesis "may not be completed by the time his financial support terminates" (I had one more year before asking for an extension). She got rid of me and secretly wrote three more papers stealing my research and then published two of them. A year after I left, she proposed me to publish the third one (I did not know about the other two and she did not mention them) together with her. I called her a thief and complained. In a letter to me, the Department stated, without objections, that Larsen withdrew the paper. But.. she slightly changed it and published it herself as well. I later learned from the documents that, although, I was removed for the supposed lack of funding, Larsen had hired an undergraduate student to repeat my experiments and to claim her own "discoveries".

Larsen continues to boast of her new possession -- the stolen intellect. But, this possession is not even in her main line of business, which is -- the real estate and multiple other enterprises (she says she pays taxes exceeding her professorial salary). Her pet political agenda was "to take economic crimes out of the criminal code". In her science fraud, she went as far as claiming a scientific publication that does not exist and claiming "hundreds of experiments" done by me during the five years as her own work. (The dates show, however, that she had only 51 days for it!) There were many more documented instances of fraud and falsification. When confronted with documents showing the fraud, Larsen declared "the concept of intellectual property": my discoveries and ideas do not belong to me, they belong to a "community" which, she implied, is better represented by her. (Yet, she could hardly comprehend my earlier articles, for which I received requests from more than 200 scientists from around the world.) She added that I "forfeited a publication for naught". Normally, she would have been called a sadistic adventuress and not allowed anywhere near a university. But, the Ottawa's Office of Research Integrity said: "Dr. Larsen behaved in a reasonable manner given your refusal to have the 1987 article published"! They offered no other comment or explanation. Can authorship be forfeited?

Was she valuable as a scientist to the U of T? She cannot claim any discoveries, except the ones stolen and accompanied in her papers with a lot of near-scientific jargon. The following incident shows her as a teacher:
On the examination with some 200 undergraduates I pointed out to her that students cannot give an answer by looking at the poor drawing that she supplied. She replied: "No, they can not. But a good student should remember the page in the handbook with this drawing and what was on it." Her involvement with science is motivated by the ease with which things can be falsified there.

A couple of years ago, CBC showed a movie recreating the events at Concordia University where Prof. V. Fabrikant shot and killed four of his colleagues for stealing his research. CBC said nothing about the crimes of scientific establishment, but the investigations had shown that "academic fraud" perpetrated by professors is "wide spread" in Canadian Universities.
Does the University of Toronto (for years now) look forward to the similar events with the hope of getting rid of me and probably killing me in jail to make sure that there will never be a trial and the truth about their crimes will never come out? I think, it is their plan: for schemers and bloodsuckers, provocation had always been a method to get rid of the victim. The stand-off is continuing: I am not doing anything wrong and they have nothing to blame me for, in the past or in the present. They just continue the fraud for which they have no defense, no justification and nothing to say publicly. To those who ask questions, they make reference to the Fabricant's case and demand silence. And they carefully watch that there is no word in the press of what is going on.

I do not deserve any of this. The media, the CBC, which has a duty towards the public, must report the events and make the documents public. I am trying to make people think; are you trying to do the opposite? Why, Mr. Rabinovitch, has "The Fifth Estate" refused, for years, to air my story? I sent the documents to Suzanna Mayer, she refused. I came and spoke with Francine Pelltier, she had to call me back, but she did not. Theresa Burke called me (on the tip from Rick Salutin) and asked me to call her, repeatedly over several months. Then, she said the story could not be approved. Howard Goldenthal called me and invited me to talk (after he discovered the horror story on the U of T web site). At the end of the meeting I told him that his colleagues received instructions not to call me back and not to return my documents and tape recording. He said that Theresa is his friend and, although, others abandoned me, he will not. He never called and he did not return documents and the tape recording.

I want to make public a tape recording of a conversation with The President of The Canadian Genetics Society, Prof. Arthur Hilliker, where he says that he and Prof. S. Blecher "of course" believe that Larsen plagiarized my work. But, then, he says that I should keep quiet because.. Jews were persecuted in the Second World War. But do we need any more proof that the Jewish political interest is at work here, when we see the media spellbound? He says that "life" was very unjust to me, but he predicts my complete frustration. Why? Why should Larsen's fraud be concealed? Another Karla, but with triple protection? Why would CBC not tell the story of "a very creative scientist"? Why would CBC not tell the public about the continuing provocation by the U of T animals skilled in calculating psychological damage to the victim?

I was truly a delicate person and had so little impulse for violence that I had no desire even to drive a car. Larsen says that I "left amicably". Not true; I was disliked by her for smoking and for not smoking marihuana. But, I never commented on the "issues". The next 14 years of my life were stolen by the scum of society. It was the time of torture for me, rather -- an uninterrupted panic attack. In total desperation I spoke personally to some Members of Parliament and to Mike Harris. They were all "in conflict", in fact, bound by fear of accusing this "All-In-One" role model of fraud. The corrupt political forces made me an outlaw for whom the law is not even supposed to work. Italian Mafia did not have such influence and did not own the press.

But you, Mr. Rabinovitch, should take an example of Mexico and South Africa where the media fearlessly reports corruption and crime on the top. My story is well known to hundreds of people, but, presently, mostly to those who are "in conflict of interest". I am now reaching the others, with God's help and provided that the University of Toronto is not hiring an assassin. Have you forgotten the first law of the media saying that it should remain above suspicion, no matter what happens, and the second law saying that things already known to the public can not be avoided? This country needs to learn how to prosecute "role models".

Larsen, Orchard and Dewees must go to jail. The administration of the U of T must cease to exist in its present membership and so must the Ottawa's Office of Research Integrity.

There must be a public inquiry forcing The Attorney General and others to testify (in the case which is more important than a pepper spray incident). And, here, the role played by the media is well known: all (known) cases of official corruption and injustice were virtually brought into the courts by media!

But, the media is monopolized in the hands of the three or four families whose goals and accomplishments go far, far beyond making money. They introduced here communist rules of political correctness borrowed directly from the Soviets. Seven days a week we hear the victim-sagas about idealistic communists, Jewish victims of the extreme right, "progressive females", etc. The propaganda is having a ruinous effect upon society. It became impossible to convict Karlas in the court of law. Upon one politically incorrect utterance, be it made by the media employee or the judge, they are fired.
And the media's list of the exploited and persecuted victims is not even truthful. These "victims" had and continue to have their own victims. There were 100 million victims of communism in the past century. And.. the 70% of the Russian revolutionary government were the "idealistic" Jewish communists. Now, Jewish Communism is sadistically destroying traditions, lives, culture and morals, while proclaiming professional knowledge, education, technological necessity, altruism. It operates by faking the purpose.
Disregarding all lessons of history, the media sticks to its stereotypes and makes an obscene mockery of journalistic integrity. My story, full of unwanted facts, is turned down again and again, lately, disposing even with the pretext. Truth-seeking investigative journalists can only look at me from the television screen; they don't look at me this way in their offices; no, they don't.

The University of Toronto can not be called a university anymore. It invented a new fraud -- "salvaging" of research, providing for transferring of authorship from the doer to someone else. It has killed science when the scientist stood in the way of a sick science-falsifier. It is still continuing now the most vicious fraud and the most outrageous cover up in Canadian history, the intellectual slave labor scheme.

It perverted, falsified and destroyed everything that makes a University.

It became the source of crime, corrupting the academia, democratic institutions and law enforcement. Justice at all levels is washing its hands for fear of Jewish, etc., anger and the immediate removal from duty. This university has firmly closed all doors to any inquiry. It is fighting for the survival of the network of crooks inside, and now, also, for the fate of the government officials that were corrupted by them over the years.
I lived four blocks away from the place where my research was being "salvaged". This was done by the individuals most portrayed by the media as the ones who should be trusted! Referring to this trust, they had, recently, cleaned the public pockets of 100 million dollars. This fraudulent university does not need any more money, it needs a criminal trial and a public inquiry. And, it needs the press.

(July 19, 2000)

Note: This letter was written two years before a number of Canadian journalists rebelled against monopolization of media in the hands of a few owners and against Messrs. Aspers restricting the freedom of journalists and firing them. (Initially, writing articles about Israel was the issue.)