To the Chief of the University of Toronto police detachment.
October 4, 2001.
The letter protesting police harassment on the University of Toronto campus.

For more than a year now I am displaying a sign on the campus and distributing, in the campus area, the documents related to the fraud perpetrated by U of T professor Ellen Larsen and two others (Ian Orchard and Donald Dewees of the U of T administration). In September of last year I was asked by the former police Chief, DiAngelo, not to distribute documents inside the campus, but he had no objections against my displaying the sign. However, yesterday, October 3, 2001, police officer Amato asked me to leave the campus, saying that my sign (2 by 1 and 1/4 feet) is a "soliciting" and is "preventing public from enjoying property". She also said that I "distribute" when I gave her a paper containing document to write her name on it as she claimed she had no business card and no clean piece of paper. This incident involved her making a dishonest statement and she obviously was given an order to harass me and to remove from the campus by any means.

I believe that the campus grounds is a place where the public can enjoy the freedom of speech given by the Charter. U of T variously claims to be either a public or, when it fits another purpose, a private university. I believe that enough taxpayers' money is being used by the U of T to allow freedom of speech on campus.

I believe that U of T administration is using police for covering up the fraud. U of T never published any information on this case officially, moreover, the administration obviously prohibited the campus press to publish anything related to their fraud. I believe that this new incident of police interference has the same goal. It is not the police job to be involved in covering up the crimes. Previously, this police station refused to open the case against professors saying that "management" doesn't want it. They refused to register my statement of complaint about the fraud.

It has been proven during more than a year that my displaying the sign on campus and distributing documents in the area is completely free from any inconvenience to the public. The documents distributed were never a subject to the law suit for defamation or for anything else. I do not solicit anything with my sign. Therefore, the present police claims are a false pretext only and they have the goal of silencing me. I do not know how far this can go. But I know that U of T is capable of any crime, worse, it is capable of covering up any crime. It is important now that the police is not being used in any way in the U of T's criminal affair and remains faithful to the oath.

The last U of T statement on my status with the University was that I am a lapsed graduate student. I am not just any member of the public here, I do have a connection with this University, although it has been damaged by the fraud when my Ph.D. research was interrupted with the promise that I can come back anytime later, but as I left, my research of five years was stolen. I feel within my rights when being on the campus and showing this fraud to the public.

Michael Pyshnov. (Information:

Correction: the name of the police officer should read Amodeo.